0000067495 00000 n Madam, shall a vain and) Tj T* -0.1287 Tc 0.2487 Tw (groundless fancy hinder you from making a man happy, for whom you) Tj T* -0.0835 Tc 0.2035 Tw (have an inclination? >> /Count 20 Princess of Cleves goes to her distant tenure, and gets seriously ill. Recovering from illness, she moves to the monastery, and no one can convince her to return to the court. >> Never was a greater hatred than that between these) Tj T* -0.0525 Tc 0.1725 Tw (two ladies; the Duchess could not pardon Madam d'Etampes for) Tj T* -0.1124 Tc 0.2324 Tw (having taken from her the title of the King's mistress; and Madam) Tj T* -0.1021 Tc 0.2221 Tw (d'Etampes was violently jealous of the Duchess, because the King) Tj T* -0.0772 Tc 0.1972 Tw (still kept correspondence with her. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0421 Tc 0.1621 Tw (The four champions showed the greatest address that can be) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1193 Tc 0.2393 Tw (imagined; though the King was the best horseman in his kingdom,) Tj T* -0.0837 Tc 0.2037 Tw (it was hard to say which of them most excelled. BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0641 Tc 0.1841 Tw (suspected by some, that she was his daughter; she came to France) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0646 Tc 0.1846 Tw (with Henry the Seventh's sister, who married Louis XII that) Tj T* -0.0849 Tc 0.2049 Tw (Princess, who was full of youth and gallantry, left the Court of) Tj T* -0.0711 Tc 0.1911 Tw (France with great reluctance after her husband's death; but Anne) Tj T* -0.0993 Tc 0.2193 Tw (Boleyn, who had the same inclinations as her mistress, could not) Tj T* -0.1179 Tc 0.2379 Tw (prevail with herself to go away; the late King was in love with) Tj T* -0.0584 Tc 0.1784 Tw (her, and she continued maid of honour to Queen Claude; that Queen) Tj T* -0.0683 Tc 0.1883 Tw (died, and Margaretta, the King's sister, Duchess of Alenson, and) Tj T* -0.033 Tc 0.153 Tw (since Queen of Navarre, whose story you know, took her into her) Tj T* -0.134 Tc 0.254 Tw (service, where she imbibed the principles of the new religion;) Tj T* -0.054 Tc 0.174 Tw (she returned afterwards to England, and there charmed all the) Tj T* -0.1284 Tc 0.2484 Tw (world; she had the manners of France, which please in all) Tj T* -0.1362 Tc 0.2562 Tw (countries; she sung well, she danced finely; she was a maid of) Tj T* -0.0781 Tc 0.1981 Tw (honour to Queen Catherine, and Henry the Eighth fell desperately) Tj T* -0.1243 Tc 0.2443 Tw (in love with her.) /Parent 414 0 R >> 0000439434 00000 n /ProcSet 2 0 R 0000092569 00000 n /Resources << /Type /Page 145 0 obj To get La Princesse de Clèves PDF, you should access the web link listed below and download the ebook or get access to additional information which are highly relevant to LA PRINCESSE DE CL&EGRAVE;VES book. Nevertheless as she was to carry the Queen-Dauphin's) Tj T* -0.0875 Tc 0.2075 Tw (train, and had been distinguished with that honour in preference) Tj T* -0.0701 Tc 0.1901 Tw (to a great many other Princesses, it was impossible to excuse) Tj T* -0.0878 Tc 0.2078 Tw (herself from it without making a great deal of noise and putting) Tj T* -0.0644 Tc 0.1844 Tw (people upon enquiring into the reasons of it. It was before the utmost of his wishes to have a) Tj T* -0.0318 Tc 0.1518 Tw (conversation with her, but now he found he ought rather to fear) Tj T* -0.0877 Tc 0.2077 Tw (than desire it. /Type /Pages "No,) Tj T* -0.0847 Tc 0.2047 Tw (sir," replied she, "it is not me you speak of; I never spent a) Tj T* -0.0924 Tc 0.2124 Tw (night nor a moment with the Duke de Nemours; he never saw me in) Tj T* -0.088 Tc 0.208 Tw (private, I never suffered him to do it, nor would give him a) Tj T* -0.0627 Tc 0.1827 Tw (hearing. /Length 182 0 R "Do you believe he is, Madam," replied he, "and that) Tj T* -0.0672 Tc 0.1872 Tw (a person who had a real passion could discover it to her husband?) 0000306867 00000 n endobj << BT 90 694.56 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0638 Tc 0.1838 Tw (The espousals were solemnised at the Louvre; and after the feast) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1392 Tc 0.2592 Tw (and ball all the Royal family went to lie at the Bishop's Palace,) Tj T* -0.0478 Tc 0.1678 Tw (according to custom. 335 0 obj >> 189 0 obj endobj /ProcSet 2 0 R 42 0 obj What tenderness! 0000400923 00000 n Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0683 Tc 0.1883 Tw (Just then several of the servants, who had stayed in the walks,) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0746 Tc 0.1946 Tw (came to acquaint Monsieur de Cleves, that a gentleman was arrived) Tj T* -0.0741 Tc 0.1941 Tw (from the King, with orders for him to be at Paris that evening.) 0000375402 00000 n 271 0 obj /F0 6 0 R 0000366667 00000 n He frequently went to the) Tj T* -0.0718 Tc 0.1918 Tw (Queen-Dauphin's Court, because the Princess of Cleves was often) Tj T* -0.125 Tc 0.245 Tw (there, and he was very easy in leaving people in the opinion they) Tj T* -0.0595 Tc 0.1795 Tw (had of his passion for that Queen; he put so great a value on) Tj T* -0.089 Tc 0.209 Tw (Madam de Cleves, that he resolved to be rather wanting in giving) Tj T* -0.1064 Tc 0.2264 Tw (proofs of his love, than to hazard its being publicly known; he) Tj T* -0.029 Tc 0.149 Tw (did not so much as speak of it to the Viscount de Chartres, who) Tj T* -0.1164 Tc 0.2364 Tw (was his intimate friend, and from whom he concealed nothing; the) Tj T* -0.0651 Tc 0.1851 Tw (truth is, he conducted this affair with so much discretion, that) Tj T* -0.0833 Tc 0.2033 Tw (nobody suspected he was in love with Madam de Cleves, except the) Tj T* -0.1193 Tc 0.2393 Tw (Chevalier de Guise; and she would scarcely have perceived it) Tj T* -0.1334 Tc 0.2534 Tw (herself, if the inclination she had for him had not led her into) Tj T* -0.0754 Tc 0.1954 Tw (a particular attention to all his actions, but which she was) Tj T* -0.0934 Tc 0.2134 Tw (convinced of it.) » Download La Princesse de Clèves PDF « Our services was introduced with a want to work as a comprehensive on the web digital library that offers access to multitude of PDF publication catalog. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0903 Tc 0.2103 Tw (One evening, as Monsieur and Madam de Cleves were at the Queen's) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0334 Tc 0.1534 Tw (apartment, it was said there was a report that the King would) Tj T* -0.0487 Tc 0.1687 Tw (name another great lord to wait on Madame into Spain. Ambition and gallantry were the soul of the) Tj T* -0.0869 Tc 0.2069 Tw (Court, and employed both sexes equally; there were so many) Tj T* -0.1064 Tc 0.2264 Tw (different interests and so many cabals, and the ladies had so) Tj T* -0.1069 Tc 0.2269 Tw (great a share in them, that love was always mixed with business,) Tj T* -0.1128 Tc 0.2328 Tw (and business with love: nobody was easy, or indifferent; their) Tj T* -0.0572 Tc 0.1772 Tw (business was to raise themselves, to be agreeable, to serve or) Tj ET endstream Lieferstatus: Dieser Titel ist lieferbar. "I believe," said Madam de Cleves in a) Tj T* -0.1232 Tc 0.2432 Tw (very unconcerned manner, "that anything you may give yourself) Tj T* -0.095 Tc 0.215 Tw (the trouble of telling me, will be to little purpose; you had) Tj ET endstream /Parent 411 0 R << endobj << /Count 6 endobj /Type /Page Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0552 Tc 0.1752 Tw (She had often been thinking how he came to know, that the Duke de) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.048 Tc 0.168 Tw (Nemours had been at Colomiers; she could not suspect that the) Tj T* -0.1012 Tc 0.2212 Tw (Duke himself had told it; though it was indifferent to her) Tj T* -0.0552 Tc 0.1752 Tw (whether he had or no, she thought herself so perfectly cured of) Tj T* -0.096 Tc 0.216 Tw (the passion she had had for him; and yet she was grieved at the) Tj T* -0.0542 Tc 0.1742 Tw (heart to think that he was the cause of her husband's death; and) Tj T* -0.0976 Tc 0.2176 Tw (she remembered with pain the fear Monsieur de Cleves expressed,) Tj T* -0.1148 Tc 0.2348 Tw (when dying, lest she should marry the Duke; but all these griefs) Tj T* -0.0749 Tc 0.1949 Tw (were swallowed up in that for the loss of her husband, and she) Tj T* 0.0077 Tc 0.1123 Tw (thought she had no other but that one.) 0000145544 00000 n /Contents 387 0 R 9 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0445 Tc 0.1645 Tw (Here he began to relate how he had overheard her conversation) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0951 Tc 0.2151 Tw (with Monsieur de Cleves; but she interrupted him before he had) Tj T* -0.1085 Tc 0.2285 Tw (finished; "Say no more of it," said she, "I see how you came) Tj T* -0.0614 Tc 0.1814 Tw (to be so well informed; I suspected you knew the business but too) Tj T* -0.0852 Tc 0.2052 Tw (well at the Queen-Dauphin's, who learned this adventure from) Tj T* -0.0313 Tc 0.1513 Tw (those you had entrusted with it.") /Font << 11 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1034 Tc 0.2234 Tw ("'Tis impossible to be more surprised than I am," said Madam de) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0995 Tc 0.2195 Tw (Cleves; "I thought Madam de Tournon equally incapable of love) Tj T* -0.1041 Tc 0.2241 Tw (and falsehood." 382 0 obj 0000426569 00000 n >> /Parent 82 0 R "You throw me into the greatest) Tj T* -0.1207 Tc 0.2407 Tw (embarrassment I can possibly be in," replied the Queen-Dauphin;) Tj T* -0.0648 Tc 0.1848 Tw ("and you have given this letter to the Duke de Nemours. >> endobj /Length 340 0 R /Type /Page >> /Length 324 0 R endobj /Font << /Length 239 0 R and do you think, because I) Tj T* -0.0821 Tc 0.2021 Tw (was capable of informing you of this matter, I was therefore) Tj T* -0.1236 Tc 0.2436 Tw (capable of informing another?") /Type /Page 3982 Tj T* -0.1135 Tc 0.2335 Tw (When he had been some time with her, he found her so excessive) Tj T* -0.1103 Tc 0.2303 Tw (melancholy that he was surprised at it; "What ails you, Madam?") … That love,) Tj T* -0.0374 Tc 0.1574 Tw (Madam, was far greater than it appeared to you; I concealed the) Tj T* -0.0367 Tc 0.1567 Tw (greatest part of it from you, for fear of being importunate, or) Tj T* -0.1085 Tc 0.2285 Tw (of losing somewhat in your esteem by a behaviour not becoming a) Tj T* -0.0647 Tc 0.1847 Tw (husband: in a word, I deserved your affection more than once, and) Tj T* -0.0492 Tc 0.1692 Tw (I die without regret, since I have not been able to obtain it,) Tj T* -0.112 Tc 0.232 Tw (and since I can no longer desire it. endobj /Parent 405 0 R 0000362551 00000 n /Font << 0000443653 00000 n BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.1113 Tc 0.2313 Tw (the gaining of Mademoiselle de Chartres. by duc de François La Rochefoucauld, Jean Regnauld de Segrais. et notes d'A. However, she carried away with her the ornaments which) Tj T* -0.0939 Tc 0.2139 Tw (the Queen-Dauphin had given her; but when she showed them her) Tj T* -0.0547 Tc 0.1747 Tw (mother, she told her that she did not design to make use of them;) Tj T* -0.0203 Tc 0.1403 Tw (that the Mareschal de St. Andre took a great deal of pains to) Tj T* -0.0465 Tc 0.1665 Tw (show his attachment to her, and she did not doubt he would be) Tj T* -0.1127 Tc 0.2327 Tw (glad to have it believed that a compliment was designed her in) Tj T* -0.0532 Tc 0.1732 Tw (the entertainment he gave the King, and that under the pretence) Tj T* -0.0958 Tc 0.2158 Tw (of doing the honours of his house, he would show her civilities) Tj T* -0.085 Tc 0.205 Tw (which would be uneasy to her.) endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1104 Tc 0.2304 Tw (Madam de Cleves made only a confused answer, as if she had not) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0491 Tc 0.1691 Tw (understood what the Chevalier's words meant: at another time she) Tj T* -0.1156 Tc 0.2356 Tw (would have been offended if he had mentioned the passion he had) Tj T* -0.0997 Tc 0.2197 Tw (for her; but at this moment she felt nothing but the affliction) Tj T* -0.0365 Tc 0.1565 Tw (to know that he had observed the passion she had for the Duke de) Tj T* -0.0985 Tc 0.2185 Tw (Nemours. >> At those words, the) Tj T* -0.0675 Tc 0.1875 Tw (Duke de Nemours turned about, and met full the eyes of Madam de) Tj T* -0.0963 Tc 0.2163 Tw (Cleves that were still fixed upon him; he thought it not) Tj T* -0.1144 Tc 0.2344 Tw (impossible but she might have seen what he had done.) Having said this, the Queen-Dauphin went away from) Tj T* -0.0978 Tc 0.2178 Tw (Madam de Cleves, and left her in such astonishment, that she was) Tj T* -0.0638 Tc 0.1838 Tw (not able for some time to stir out of the place. /Length 74 0 R /Font << /F0 6 0 R endobj The) Tj T* -0.0773 Tc 0.1973 Tw (Queen conjured the King not to run any more, told him he had) Tj T* -0.0795 Tc 0.1995 Tw (performed so well that he ought to be satisfied, and desired him) Tj T* -0.0376 Tc 0.1576 Tw (to go with her to her apartments; he made answer, it was for her) Tj T* -0.0632 Tc 0.1832 Tw (sake that he would run again; and entered the barrier; she sent) Tj ET endstream /Type /Page 394 0 obj /Kids [290 0 R 294 0 R 297 0 R 300 0 R 303 0 R 306 0 R ] >> 3920 << 0000050882 00000 n 0000315414 00000 n 210 0 obj 0000324012 00000 n /Length 90 0 R << /Count 6 Whoever did not) Tj T* -0.0534 Tc 0.1734 Tw (manage his horse in the carreer to be put out of the lists; four) Tj T* -0.0628 Tc 0.1828 Tw (judges of the field to give orders. endobj The Queen, her mother-in-law, and the) Tj T* -0.1094 Tc 0.2294 Tw (King's sister, were also extreme lovers of music, plays and) Tj T* -0.0747 Tc 0.1947 Tw (poetry; for the taste which Francis the First had for the Belles) Tj T* -0.0866 Tc 0.2066 Tw (Lettres was not yet extinguished in France; and as his son was) Tj T* -0.0424 Tc 0.1624 Tw (addicted to exercises, no kind of pleasure was wanting at Court.) 119 0 obj >> 4213 >> Madam de Cleves knew very well it was the Duke de Nemours,) Tj T* -0.0969 Tc 0.2169 Tw (without turning herself, as it really was; upon which she went up) Tj T* -0.0611 Tc 0.1811 Tw (hastily to the Queen-Dauphin, and told her softly, that she ought) Tj T* -0.077 Tc 0.197 Tw (to be cautious of speaking to him of this adventure, which he had) Tj T* -0.0019 Tc 0.1219 Tw (entrusted to the Viscount de Chartres as a secret, and that it) Tj T* -0.0713 Tc 0.1913 Tw (was a thing which might create a quarrel between them. << "Adieu, dear daughter," said she, "let us put an end) Tj T* -0.0895 Tc 0.2095 Tw (to a conversation which melts us both; and remember, if you are) Tj T* -0.1031 Tc 0.2231 Tw (able, all that I have been saying to you.") /ProcSet 2 0 R /Font << >> Tj ET endstream /Count 6 Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1068 Tc 0.2268 Tw ("Madam," said he, "they are maintaining a dispute against the) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.044 Tc 0.164 Tw (Duke of Nemours, and he defends the argument he undertook with so) Tj T* -0.0944 Tc 0.2144 Tw (much warmth, that he must needs be very much interested in it; I) Tj T* -0.1485 Tc 0.2685 Tw (believe he has some mistress that gives him uneasiness by going) Tj T* -0.0983 Tc 0.2183 Tw (to balls, so well satisfied he is that it is a vexatious thing to) Tj T* -0.058 Tc 0.178 Tw (a lover to see the person he loves in those places.") /Font << /Parent 413 0 R "You are in the right, Madam;" replied he, "I abuse) Tj T* -0.0951 Tc 0.2151 Tw (your goodness and your confidence in me; but have some compassion) Tj T* -0.049 Tc 0.169 Tw (also on the condition you have brought me to, and think that) Tj T* -0.1041 Tc 0.2241 Tw (whatever you have told me, you conceal from me a name, which) Tj T* -0.11 Tc 0.23 Tw (creates in me a curiosity I cannot live without satisfying; and) Tj T* -0.0395 Tc 0.1595 Tw (yet I ask you not to satisfy it; I cannot, however, forbear) Tj T* -0.1158 Tc 0.2358 Tw (telling you, that I believe the man I am to envy is the Mareschal) Tj T* -0.0431 Tc 0.1631 Tw (de St. Andre, the Duke de Nemours, or the Chevalier de Guise.") Belle héroïne de 16 ans, Mademoiselle de Chartres épouse le prince de Clèves qu’elle estime mais n’aime pas. >> Princesse de Clèves book. BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0639 Tc 0.1839 Tw (better go to the Queen-Dauphin, and plainly tell her, without) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0573 Tc 0.1773 Tw (using these roundabout ways, the interest you have in that) Tj T* -0.0637 Tc 0.1837 Tw (letter, since she has been told, as well as I, that it belongs to) Tj T* -0.0432 Tc 0 Tw (you.") She will think, and not without reason,) Tj T* -0.0792 Tc 0.1992 Tw (that this letter concerns myself, and that there is something) Tj T* -0.091 Tc 0.211 Tw (between the Viscount and me; she will never be persuaded the) Tj T* -0.0566 Tc 0.1766 Tw (letter belonged to the Duke de Nemours." /Length 217 0 R 0000179117 00000 n "What) Tj T* -0.0787 Tc 0.1987 Tw (is it, Madam," cried Monsieur de Cleves, "that you lead me to) Tj T* -0.0919 Tc 0.2119 Tw (imagine? >> Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1001 Tc 0.2201 Tw (The gentleman, who was very capable of this commission, acquitted) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1462 Tc 0.2662 Tw (himself of it with all the exactness imaginable. /Parent 120 0 R /F0 6 0 R /Length 55 0 R 0000137812 00000 n /Parent 329 0 R /Resources << "I did not think,") Tj T* -0.0995 Tc 0.2195 Tw (replied Madam de Cleves, "whatever suspicions you have of the) Tj ET endstream << endobj 0000541609 00000 n >> He was graceful in his person,) Tj T* -0.0678 Tc 0.1878 Tw (perfect at all sorts of exercises; he sung agreeably, he wrote) Tj T* -0.0538 Tc 0.1738 Tw (verses, and was of so amorous and gallant a temper, as endeared) Tj T* -0.1258 Tc 0.2458 Tw (him to Monsieur d'Anville in such a degree, that he made him the) Tj T* -0.1122 Tc 0.2322 Tw (confidant of his amours between the Queen-Dauphin and him; this) Tj T* -0.0722 Tc 0.1922 Tw (confidence gave him access to that Princess, and it was owing to) Tj T* -0.0508 Tc 0.1708 Tw (the frequent opportunities he had of seeing her, that he) Tj T* -0.1167 Tc 0.2367 Tw (commenced that unhappy passion which deprived him of his reason,) Tj T* -0.136 Tc 0.256 Tw (and at last cost him his life.) Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0988 Tc 0.2188 Tw (A few days after the King's death, it was resolved the new King) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0586 Tc 0.1786 Tw (should go to Rheims to be crowned. >> 0000183540 00000 n $0.99 . Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1179 Tc 0.2379 Tw (In the meantime Madam de Cleves dressed herself in all haste to) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0435 Tc 0.1635 Tw (go to the Queen-Dauphin; she was no sooner entered her chamber,) Tj T* -0.0763 Tc 0.1963 Tw (but she called her to her, and whispered her, "I have been) Tj T* -0.0416 Tc 0.1616 Tw (waiting for you these two hours, and was never so perplexed about) Tj T* -0.1018 Tc 0.2218 Tw (disguising a truth as I have been this morning: the Queen has) Tj T* -0.0743 Tc 0.1943 Tw (heard of the letter I gave you yesterday, and believes it was the) Tj T* -0.0343 Tc 0.1543 Tw (Viscount de Chartres that dropped it; you know, she has some) Tj T* -0.102 Tc 0.222 Tw (interest to be satisfied in it; she has been in search for the) Tj T* -0.0473 Tc 0.1673 Tw (letter, and has caused Chatelart to be asked for it; who said he) Tj T* -0.0853 Tc 0.2053 Tw (had given it to me; they have been to ask me for it, under) Tj T* -0.0791 Tc 0.1991 Tw (pretence it was an ingenious letter which the Queen had a) Tj T* -0.0432 Tc 0.1632 Tw (curiosity to see; I durst not say that you had it, for fear she) Tj T* -0.0928 Tc 0.2128 Tw (should think I had given it you on your uncle the Viscount's) Tj T* -0.0447 Tc 0.1647 Tw (account, and that there was a correspondence between him and me.) >> Bibliolycée - La Princesse de Clèves n° 49 - Livre élève | Madame de Lafayette, Brémond-Bortoli, Véronique | ISBN: 9782011696977 | Kostenloser Versand … >> 4160 /Font << /ProcSet 2 0 R /Resources << /Contents 314 0 R 71 0 obj BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.1018 Tc 0.2218 Tw (they are in you; those who marry mistresses, by whom they are) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0904 Tc 0.2104 Tw (loved, tremble when they marry them, and cannot but fear lest) Tj T* -0.0539 Tc 0.1739 Tw (they should observe the same conduct towards others which they) Tj T* -0.0598 Tc 0.1798 Tw (observed towards them; but in you, Madam, I can fear nothing, I) Tj T* -0.0827 Tc 0.2027 Tw (see nothing in you but matter of admiration: have I had a) Tj T* -0.0508 Tc 0.1708 Tw (prospect of so much felicity for no other end but to see it) Tj T* -0.0563 Tc 0.1763 Tw (obstructed by you? endobj 320 0 obj 3963 << In a word, the complexion of) Tj T* -0.0528 Tc 0.1728 Tw (the Court was entirely changed; the Duke of Guise took the same) Tj T* -0.1066 Tc 0.2266 Tw (rank as the Princes of the blood, in carrying the King's mantle) Tj T* -0.0899 Tc 0.2099 Tw (at the funeral ceremonies: He and his brothers carried all before) Tj T* -0.0614 Tc 0.1814 Tw (them at Court, not only by reason of the Cardinal's power with) Tj T* -0.019 Tc 0.139 Tw (the Queen-Mother, but because she thought it in her power to) Tj T* -0.089 Tc 0.209 Tw (remove them should they give her umbrage; whereas she could not) Tj T* -0.0711 Tc 0.1911 Tw (so easily remove the Constable, who was supported by the Princes) Tj T* -0.0251 Tc 0.1451 Tw (of the blood.) << endobj The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9782011610614, 2011610613. >> >> The Duke de Nemours was of this number, and it was that) Tj T* -0.1118 Tc 0.2318 Tw (perhaps which had made Madam de Cleves desirous of having the) Tj T* -0.0213 Tc 0 Tw (pictures.) endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0895 Tc 0.2095 Tw (Madam de Cleves, suspecting he might return, continued in her) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0847 Tc 0.2047 Tw (chamber; she had reason to apprehend she should not always have) Tj T* -0.0626 Tc 0.1826 Tw (the power to avoid him, and she would not submit herself to the) Tj T* -0.1031 Tc 0.2231 Tw (hazard of speaking to him in a manner that would have been) Tj T* -0.0387 Tc 0.1587 Tw (unsuitable to the conduct she had hitherto observed.) 4109 /Type /Page It was not known at first for what) Tj T* -0.0221 Tc 0.1421 Tw (reason he wore those colours, but it was soon remembered that) Tj T* -0.1018 Tc 0.2218 Tw (they were the colours of a beautiful young lady whom he had been) Tj T* -0.1181 Tc 0.2381 Tw (in love with, while she was a maid, and whom he yet loved though) Tj T* -0.0668 Tc 0.1868 Tw (he durst not show it. 4113 Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.059 Tc 0.179 Tw ("You may judge of the surprise I was in at what Sancerre told) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1016 Tc 0.2216 Tw (me; I asked him how he came by the knowledge of it, and he told) Tj T* -0.1048 Tc 0.2248 Tw (me that the minute I went away from him, Etouteville, who is his) Tj T* -0.1094 Tc 0.2294 Tw (intimate friend, but who nevertheless knew nothing of his love) Tj T* -0.0478 Tc 0.1678 Tw (for Madam de Tournon, came to see him; that as soon as he was sat) Tj T* -0.1014 Tc 0.2214 Tw (down, he fell a-weeping, and asked his pardon for having) Tj T* -0.0953 Tc 0.2153 Tw (concealed from him what he was going to tell him, that he begged) Tj T* -0.0822 Tc 0.2022 Tw (him to have compassion of him, that he was come to open his heart) Tj T* -0.0477 Tc 0.1677 Tw (to him, and that he was the person in the world the most) Tj T* -0.0623 Tc 0.1823 Tw (afflicted for the death of Madam de Tournon.) endobj Shall I engage in gallantry,) Tj T* -0.124 Tc 0.244 Tw (be false to Monsieur de Cleves, and be false to myself? Tj T* -0.0786 Tc 0.1986 Tw (She could not forbear taking it, and examining the superscription) Tj T* -0.0293 Tc 0.1493 Tw (to see if it was addressed to the Viscount de Chartres, and) Tj T* -0.0767 Tc 0.1967 Tw (reading it all over, that she might the better judge, if the) Tj T* -0.0867 Tc 0.2067 Tw (letter which was redemanded was the same with that she had in her) Tj T* -0.0108 Tc 0.1308 Tw (hand. 0000046588 00000 n 258 0 obj The thought of this awaked in so lively a manner that) Tj T* -0.1141 Tc 0.2341 Tw (jealousy which was not yet extinguished, that he fell into) Tj T* -0.0399 Tc 0.1599 Tw (uncommon transports, and loaded her with a thousand reproaches;) Tj T* -0.0631 Tc 0.1831 Tw (he is just gone into her apartment again in great concern, but) Tj T* -0.0713 Tc 0.1913 Tw (whether the reason is a more confirmed opinion that the Duchess) Tj T* -0.105 Tc 0.225 Tw (had made a sacrifice of the ring, or for fear of having) Tj T* -0.1197 Tc 0.2397 Tw (disobliged her by his anger, I can't tell.) /Length 391 0 R stream 4028 /Font << /ProcSet 2 0 R >> /Parent 196 0 R "I have nothing to trouble my) Tj T* -0.0977 Tc 0.2177 Tw (mind," answered she with an air of confusion, "but there is) Tj T* -0.0621 Tc 0.1821 Tw (such a bustle at Court, and such a multitude of people always at) Tj T* -0.1006 Tc 0.2206 Tw (your house, that it is impossible but both body and mind should) Tj ET endstream endobj /Font << >> I thought that husbands) Tj T* -0.0678 Tc 0.1878 Tw (might wish their wives would not go there; but as for lovers, I) Tj T* -0.0856 Tc 0.2056 Tw (never imagined they were of that opinion." Jahrhunderts im Ra Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1038 Tc 0.2238 Tw (Monsieur de Cleves could set no bounds to his affliction; he felt) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1187 Tc 0.2387 Tw (ill of a fever that very night, and his distemper was accompanied) Tj T* -0.0836 Tc 0.2036 Tw (with such ill symptoms that it was thought very dangerous. 84 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1003 Tc 0.2203 Tw (The Duke was no less uneasy than she; the indiscretion he had) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.104 Tc 0.224 Tw (been guilty of in telling what he did to the Viscount de) Tj T* -0.0822 Tc 0.2022 Tw (Chartres, and the mischievous consequences of it, vexed him to) Tj T* -0.0856 Tc 0.2056 Tw (the heart; he could not represent to himself the affliction and) Tj T* -0.0906 Tc 0.2106 Tw (sorrow he had seen Madam de Cleves in without being pierced with) Tj T* -0.1076 Tc 0.2276 Tw (anguish; he was inconsolable for having said things to her about) Tj T* -0.0942 Tc 0.2142 Tw (this adventure, which, though gallant enough in themselves,) Tj ET endstream endobj The voice of the Duke de) Tj T* -0.0639 Tc 0.1839 Tw (Nemours brought her to herself again, and looking at him, without) Tj T* -0.0722 Tc 0.1922 Tw (having heard what he had said to her, full of her own thoughts,) Tj T* -0.0988 Tc 0.2188 Tw (and afraid lest her husband should see him with her, "For God's) Tj T* -0.1299 Tc 0.2499 Tw (sake," says she, "leave me to myself in quiet." 349 0 obj 0000255276 00000 n /Length 65 0 R It was impossible for him) Tj T* -0.0413 Tc 0.1613 Tw (to stay at the Queen's; he returned from thence, without knowing) Tj T* -0.0435 Tc 0.1635 Tw (why he returned, or if he designed to go and interrupt the Duke) Tj T* -0.0501 Tc 0.1701 Tw (de Nemours: he was no sooner come home, but he looked about him) Tj T* -0.1155 Tc 0.2355 Tw (to see if there was anything by which he could judge if the Duke) Tj T* -0.0793 Tc 0.1993 Tw (was still there; it was some comfort to him to find he was gone,) Tj T* -0.0602 Tc 0.1802 Tw (and it was a pleasure to reflect that he could not have been long) Tj T* -0.0342 Tc 0.1542 Tw (there: he fancied, that, perhaps, it was not the Duke de Nemours) Tj T* -0.0527 Tc 0.1727 Tw (of whom he had reason to be jealous; and though he did not doubt) Tj T* -0.0501 Tc 0.1701 Tw (of it, yet he endeavoured to doubt of it; but he was convinced of) Tj T* -0.084 Tc 0.204 Tw (it by so many circumstances, that he continued not long in that) Tj T* -0.127 Tc 0.247 Tw (pleasing uncertainty. endobj 4190 Tj T* -0.1196 Tc 0.2396 Tw ("I acknowledge myself in fault, Madam," replied the Princess of) Tj T* -0.0678 Tc 0.1878 Tw (Cleves, "but let us rather think of preventing the consequences) Tj T* -0.079 Tc 0.199 Tw (of what I have done, than insist on the fault itself." BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0926 Tc 0.2126 Tw (would not know anything that might make me die with reluctance;) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0906 Tc 0.2106 Tw (you have cleared your innocence too late; however it will be a) Tj T* -0.0087 Tc 0.1287 Tw (comfort to me to go away with the thought that you are worthy of) Tj T* -0.0866 Tc 0.2066 Tw (the esteem I have had for you; I beg you I may be assured of this) Tj T* -0.0812 Tc 0.2012 Tw (further comfort, that my memory will be dear to you, and that if) Tj T* -0.0906 Tc 0.2106 Tw (it had been in your power you would have had for me the same) Tj T* -0.0605 Tc 0.1805 Tw (passion which you had for another."