I say this is yet another crime, and this crime will stir consciences everywhere. And the naiveté of drafting formal assertions in a vacuum! But now we see Dreyfus appearing before the court martial. Was he, too, being paid off by the Jews? Knowing your integrity, I am convinced that you do not know the truth. Yeah, about that: this paper is pretty terrible. [36] It is a crime to exploit patriotism in the service of hatred, and it is, finally, a crime to ensconce the sword as the modern god, whereas all science is toiling to achieve the coming era of truth and justice. Dreyfus knows several languages, crime; one found at his place no compromising papers, crime; he returns sometimes to his country of origin, crime; he is industrious, he wants to know everything, crime; he is unperturbed, crime; he is perturbed, crime. And how childish the language is, how groundless the accusation! I accuse General De Boisdeffre and General Gonse as accomplices of the same crime, one undoubtedly by clerical passion, the other perhaps by this spirit of body which makes offices of the war an infallible archsaint. Faut du gasoil dans la bagnole. Dreyfus’s brother, Matthieu Dreyfus (1857-1930), also uncovered evidence implicating Esterhazy and he started a suit against him. Colonel Picquart who, alone, had done his duty, was to become the victim, the one who got ridiculed and punished. With Romuald Joubé, Maxime Desjardins, Séverin-Mars, Angèle Guys. It is a hierarchical impossibility. How could one hope that a council of war would demolish what a council of war had done? Kiryu Labs is not responsible for any irresponsible Roach Wrangling. He would occasionally visit his birthplace. Zola’s books were often considered scandalous, since they touched on taboo topics such as sexuality, but this also accounted for their success. And what a nest of base intrigues, gossips and dilapidations has this crowned asylum become, where the fate of fatherland is decided! https://en.wikisource.org/w/index.php?title=Translation:J%27Accuse...!&oldid=8663647, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Three years have passed, many consciences remain profoundly troubled, become anxious, investigate, and wind up convinced that Dreyfus is innocent. Colonel Picquart’s investigation. The expected verdict by unanimous vote of acquittal on 11 January 1898 outraged supporters of the innocent Dreyfus such as Zola, whose “J’accuse” two days later reflected his own indignation. J'ACCUSE MON PÈRE LÉOPOLD: My mistakes, my sorrows, my propriety, my regrets All for what? But, unable to substantiate his allegations because of the secrecy requested by his source Leblois, he failed to raise the interest of his peers. Refer to documents SCP-723-J and/or SCP-724-J as necessary. Some trivial note, maybe, about some easy women, wherein a certain D... was becoming too insistent, no doubt some demanding husband who felt he wasn’t getting a good enough price for the use of his wife. The fact that someone could have been convicted on this charge is the ultimate iniquity. On July 18, 1898, Zola left secretly for England, where he lived incognito until his return on June 3, 1899. Doesn’t the overriding idea of discipline, which is the lifeblood of these soldiers, itself undercut their capacity for fairness? The reason why the General Staff would not show it was that they knew the document was a forgery, among others, done by Major Henry. Nils Melzer, photographié par Yves Bachmann. Gonse was instrumental in dismissing Lt. Must have petrol in the car. The United Nations' Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme is a modern version dated December 10, 1948. And the act I am hereby accomplishing is only a revolutionary means to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. [39] L’Echo de Paris (founded in 1844) and L’Eclair (fonded in 1888) were both violently anti-Dreyfusard and the General Staff willingly leaked to them partisan information: for instance, in September 1896, L’Eclair was able to reveal to its readers that some incriminating - but secret – evidence had been presented by the prosecution during Dreyfus’ trial in 1894. As Sandherr’s deputy, Picquart had attended Dreyfus’ trial and public degradation in 1894 and was, like many others, convinced at the time that justice had been done. And, while I do not want to retell a partly known history here, Commander Paty de Clam enters the scene, as soon as first suspicion falls upon Dreyfus. Colonel Picquart as Head of the Military Intelligence as soon he realized the cover up was going to be revealed. Bow and scrape before that sword, that god? "Escapes" took place, papers disappeared, as they still do today; the author of the memo was sought, when ahead of time one was made aware, little by little, that this author could be only an officer of the High Comman and an artillery officer: a doubly glaring error, showing with which superficial spirit this affair had been studied, because a reasoned examination shows that it could only be a question of an officer of troops. No! Colonel du Paty de Clam, one with his face visible, the other masked. Major Picquart's investigation had led to this unquestionable observation. Having been discarded in a paper basket, the bordereau found its way, through a channel of various French agents, to the War Office, and more precisely to its Intelligence Office. He was the great honest man, the man of his honest life, he believed that the truth sufficed for itself, especially when it seemed as bright as the full day. [30] Marquis Antoine de MorPs (1859-1896). The people clamored for the traitor to be publicly stripped of his rank and demanded to see him writhing with remorse on his rock of infamy. [23] After the Treaty of Versailles, which concluded the Franco Prussian War in 1871, France had been forced to accept numerous humiliating conditions. I do not know a greater civic crime. It is reported that, in the room of the council, the judges were naturally going to acquit. And, although I have no desire to dwell on a story that is only partly known, Major du Patyde Clam entered on the scene at the first whiff of suspicion of Dreyfus. With all his determination, he toiled to obtain a retrial for his beloved bother. J'accuse ! And Major Picquart was sent on a mission, one that took him farther and farther away, as far as Tunisia, where there was not even a day to honour his bravery, charged with a mission which would have surely ended in massacre, in the frontiers where Marquis de Morès met his death. What a nightmare it is for all who know it in its true details. At the beginning, there is not this, on their part, this incuriosity and obtuseness. For the next few years, in a world in which other democratic regimes were few and far between, France found itself very isolated: Germany, Austria and Italy had formed a menacing Triple Alliance, and Victorian Great Britain was not yet ready for the Edwardian Cordial Entente (1904). Demandes de transcription; ... J'accuse ! Morès’ last venture was an expedition to North Africa, where he was assassinated by Tuaregsin El-Ouatia in June 1896. La transcription de son point de presse avec Alliot-Marie révèle des positions graves, mettant en péril … [22] The very questionable charges for the 1894 Dreyfus trial had just been made public on January 7, 1898 in Le Siècle, the paper run by Dreyfusist Yves-Guyot. In disbelief, people wondered who Commander Esterhazy’s protectors were. Colonel Picquart, who, guided by the highest sentiment of dignity, did not wish to publish General Gonse’s correspondence. Books: ... “J’Accuse ...!” Emile Zola, Alfred Dreyfus, and the Greatest Newspaper Article in History. Damien SAEZ. It is a crime to lie to the public, to twist public opinion to insane lengths in the service of the vilest death-dealing machinations. Ah, that first trial! [33] Esterhazy told the scandal hungry press (L’Echo de Paris, 18 November 1897) that he had received messages, including a letter signed “Espérance” [Hope], from a mysterious veiled lady who was trying to save him from his enemies. And one even saw, for Major Picquart, this wretched thing: a French court, after having let the rapporteur charge a witness publicly, to show it of all the faults, made the closed door, when this witness was introduced to be explained and defend himself. When the Minister of War, the overall chief, established publicly, with the acclamations of the national representation, the authority of the final decision; you want a council of war to give him a formal denial? Had a traitor opened the border to the enemy and driven the German Emperor straight to Notre-Dame the measures of secrecy and silence could not have been more stringent. Dreyfus. It was, later, the language that Mr. Scheurer-Kestner also used with General Billot, entreating him with patriotism to take the affair in hand, not to let it worsen, on the verge of becoming a public disaster. J'Accuse, by Friedrich Adler : 15 " Revolutionary Socialism, by Louis C . Qu’importe les appellations des cités, il est le fils de Tamazgha l’Afrique du Nord. And it suffices, to ensure oneself of this, to study with attention the bill of indictment, read in front of the council of war. why? It was even claimed that he himself was the forger, that he had fabricated the letter-telegram in order to destroy Esterhazy. Closed doors are absolutely required. Note to all Researchers Roach Wranglers: Please include your name and department on all records, along with brief description of the Roach Instance observed. In making these accusations I am aware that I am making myself liable to articles 30 and 31 of the July 29 1881 law on the press making libel a punishable offense. We thus saw General De Pellieux, then the commander of Ravary, lead an investigation in which the rascals are transfigured and decent people are dirtied. Zola, qui n'a plus à … While protecting the privacy of her children, the young woman tirelessly worked for her husband’s retrial. The crime had been committed and the General Staff could no longer admit to it. The public was astounded; rumors flew of the most horrible acts, the most monstrous deceptions, lies that were an affront to our history. I have shown in addition: the Dreyfus affair was the affair of the department of war, a High Command officer, denounced by his comrades of the High Command, condemned under the pressure of the heads of the High Command. [25] Zola is alluding to a document mentionned, but never produced, by the General Staff. A court martial, under orders, has just dared to acquit that character, Esterhazy, the supreme insult to all truth and all justice. During this time, the unhappy one tore his flesh, howled his innocence. Commander Du Paty de Clam arrests Dreyfus, in secret. At the time of “J’accuse,” Zola was working on the concluding novel, Paris (1898), of his new series Les Trois Villes [Lourdes (1894), Rome (1896)], in which he examined socialist, anarchist and anticlerical … That charging “classified” file, hastily communicated to the military judges, had not even been mentioned to Dreyfus’ defense lawyer, Edgar Demange, a civilian. Modifier. C'est bien le mail d'accusé réception que j'ai reçu 2-3 jours après avoir envoyé le dossier et à ce jour je n'ai pas eu de nouvelles. If I insist, it is that the kernel is here, from whence the true crime will later emerge, the terrible denial of justice from which France is sick. For dubious reasons, he had been protected all along by some members of the General Staff, including Maj. Henry, Picquart’s successor as Head of Military Intelligence. For your honour, I am convinced that you are unaware of it. Online shopping for Movies & TV from a great selection of TV, Movies & more at everyday low prices. Hierarchically, that is impossible. He knew several languages. It is only about secrets he was not good to have discovered. 15 year old activist Greta Thunberg speaks truth to power at the UN COP24 climate talks:"My name is Greta Thunberg. So he hesitated for a brief moment of struggle between his conscience and what he believed to be the interest of the military. Ten days after the verdict which caused a public uproar, a new, more progressive cabinet, with Premier Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau and President Émile Loubet (1838-1929), nullified that judgment and pardoned Capt. Ah! Would you allow me, grateful as I am for the kind reception you once extended to me,[5] to show my concern about maintaining your well-deserved prestige and to point out that your star which, until now, has shone so brightly, risks being dimmed by the most shameful and indelible of stains. How terrible it is to see them trampled, unrecognized and ignored! Besides countless delays which would prevent its full operation on time, the embarrassing repercussions of the Dreyfus Affair could also lead to an international boycott. I accuse ! Unscathed by the vilest slander,[6] you have won over the hearts of all. Translation of 'J'accuse' by Damien Saez from French to English. Consequently, a duel would take place between Major Picquart and Major Du Paty de Clam, one with face uncovered, the other masked. [11] Major Armand Mercier du Paty de Clam (1853-1916), had been in charge of the preliminary investigation in 1894: his relentless and vicious harassment of Dreyfus continued after the conviction and prevented any chance for a re-trial. Their excuse, I repeat, is that the supreme chief had spoken, declaring the previous judgment incontrovertible, holy and above mere mortals. First of all, behind the scenes, Lt. As Deputy Military Governor of Paris under General Saussier, he had been in charge of the preliminary investigation for the Esterhazy Case. Colonel Picquart came into possession of a telegram[28] addressed to Major Esterhazy by an agent of a foreign power. No! And he was the one that Major Forzinetti[14] caught carrying a shuttered lantern that he planned to throw open on the accused man while he slept, hoping that, jolted awake by the sudden flash of light, Dreyfus would blurt out his guilt. When the Minister of War, the commander in chief, proclaims, in public and to the acclamation of the nation’s representatives, the absolute authority of a previous verdict, how can you expect a court martial to rule against him? Having set it all in motion merely by carelessness and lack of intelligence, they seem at worst to have given in to the religious bias of their milieu and the prejudices of their class. As they have dared, so shall I dare. This truth, this justice, that we so passionately wanted, what a distress to see them thus souffletées, more ignored and more darkened! Dreyfus was found guilty by a court-martial (December 22, 1894), stripped of his rank in a degrading public display (January 5, 1895) and deported to Devil's Island, where he was condemned to remain in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. As soon as he learned about his younger brother’s arrest, Matthieu Dreyfus left Alsace and the family textile mill he was running. So all that remained of the case was the bordereau, on which the experts had not been able to agree. Fraina : 60 " ... which they may be stored, may contain "Defects," such as, but not limited to, incomplete, inaccurate or corrupt data, transcription errors, a copyright or other intellectual property infringement, a defective or damaged disk or … [16] The name of the Military Intelligence Office, part of the War Office, was in fact veiled under the cover of “Statistical Section.” The French were especially watching the German Embassy where a charwoman, Mme Bastian, worked. They delivered an iniquitous sentence that will forever weigh on our councils of war, sullying all their arrests from now with suspicion. [26] Zola had not waited until the Dreyfus Case to express his concern when confronted with increasingly virulent anti Semitism fueled by papers such as La Libre Parole or La Croix. The truth I will say, because I promised to say it, if justice, regularly seized, did not do it, full and whole. J’accuse saint Augustin (354-430), Augustin d’Hippone ou d’Annaba, fils de Thagaste ou de Souk Ahras. [2] It took Zola just two days to write his “Letter to the President of the Republic.” According to tradition, its catchy title, “J’accuse...!”, inspired by the conclusion, was coined by Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929), then political editor of L’Aurore. I do not even mention the always possible choice of judges. To me, they are only entities, spirits of social evil. He was not in disgrace, General Gonse maintained a friendly correspondence with him. He kept insisting to his superiors in the name of justice. Notice that General Billot was in no way compromised, he arrived completely fresh, he could decide the truth. Three years passed, many consciences remain deeply disturbed, worry, seek, end up being convinced of Dreyfus's innocence. [14] Major Ferdinand Forzinetti (1839-1909) was Director of the military prison of Le Cherche-Midi to which Dreyfus was consigned in the Fall of 1894, awaiting his December trial. One could not conceive of the experiments to which he subjected unhappy Dreyfus, the traps into which he wanted to make him fall, the insane investigations, monstrous imaginations, a whole torturing insanity. Truth and justice, so ardently longed for! [37] A man of honor, as he had been all his life, he believed that the truth would speak for itself, especially since it appeared to him plain as day. There must have been a minute full of psychological anguish. Mr. Mathieu Dreyfus denounced commander Esterhazy as the true author of the memo just as Mr. Scheurer-Kestner demanded a revision of the case to the Minister of Justice. I accuse General de Boisdeffre and General Gonse of complicity in the same crime, the former, no doubt, out of religious prejudice, the latter perhaps out of that esprit de corps that has transformed the War Office into an unassailable holy ark. I accuse ! Like many other people, Zola was at first hardly interested in the story of a traitor convicted by a court martial. It will leave an indelible stain on your presidency. On the other hand, we know that acknowledging Esterhazy’s guilt would be tantamount to proclaiming Dreyfus innocent.” There was no way for them to escape this rationale. We still do not know what questions they were asked, but it is certain that not all of them implicated him. and it is all the more odious and cynical that they lie with impunity without one being able to convince others of it. The transcription of the trial of Guy Fawkes. Yes! The text of this page has been moved. "keep to pedestrian crossings", idiomatic expression meaning "to stick to the rules" He appears to be the shadiest and most complex of creatures, spinning outlandish intrigues, stooping to the deceits of dime novels, complete with stolen documents, anonymous letters, meetings in deserted spots, mysterious women scurrying around at night, peddling damning evidence. It is he who imagined dictating the Dreyfus memo; it is he who dreamed to study it in an entirely hidden way, under ice; it is him whom commander Forzinetti describes to us as armed with a dark lantern, wanting to approach the sleeping defendant, to flood his face abruptly with light and to thus surprise his crime, in the agitation of being roused. In Lorraine, such cities as Metz, or in Alsace, cities like Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse (Dreyfus’ birthplace) had to switch into a German Empire administrative overhaul. During Zola’s libel trial - the result of “J’accuse” - in February 1898, General de Pellieuxinadvertently made a damaging gaffe by referring to a document (the one forged by Major Henry) presented as key evidence in Dreyfus’ conviction in 1894. Zola was found guilty of libel. with what aim? The truth, first of all, about the trial and conviction of Dreyfus. And it is voluntarily that I expose myself. Lecture automatique Lorsque cette fonctionnalité est activée, une vidéo issue des suggestions est automatiquement lancée à la suite de la lecture en cours. He appealed the judgment but, in July, the verdict was reconfirmed with a one-year jail term and a very stiff financial penalty. J'accuse, j'accuse, j'accuse. I repeat with the most vehement conviction: truth is on the march, and nothing will stop it. In the same season, the transcription of a Marcel Achard comedy,Jean de la Lune,with René... Read Online Download PDF Cite this Item 25 ... and a Russian contingent that had fled the Russian Revolution and was already well established. It was only seven years later, in 1906, that Alfred Dreyfus was fully rehabilitated, restored to the army with the rank of Major, and decorated with the Legion of Honor. [6] In 1895, Edouard Drumont (1844-1917) the author of the best-seller La France juive (1886) and the founder and director of La Libre Parole, an anti-Semitic newspaper, launched a campaign against President Faure, revealing that his father-in-law had been tried for embezzlement twenty years earlier. He had committed himself and he was compromised. [17] The bordereau addressed to Schwartzkoppen listed five potential bits of “interesting information” to be procured on demand by the traitor. One might just as well say that he was the forger, that he manufactured the carte-télegramme to convict Esterhazy. In his position as President of the Republic, Faure was not constitutionally allowed to intervene directly, as Zola acknowledges here, but he obviously also avoided taking sides. Colonel du Paty de Clam, with the trademark fruits of his fertile imagination. Yes! And of course, once academics read it, they realized it was utter nonsense, and r/creation thinks that's wrong: "clearly, this is the action of a cancel culture, our paper is fantastic!". With all my strength, I deny it! [24]We were told also that twenty-three officers had testified against Dreyfus. J'accuse definition: any strong denunciation | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He thus submitted his suspicions to his hierarchical senior officers, first General Gonse, then General de Boisdeffre, and finally General Billot,[29] who had succeeded General Mercier as Minister of War. [37] As Vice-President of the Senate, Scheurer-kestner had requested a discussion of the Affair on the Senate floor in December 1897. Head of the Military Intelligence Services in 1895. This is the plain truth, Mr. President, and it is terrifying. My nights would otherwise be haunted by the specter of an innocent man, far away, suffering the most horrible of tortures for a crime he did not commit. In July 1897, Picquart’s lawyer, Louis Leblois, told him about the military cover-up, asking him to act without revealing his sources. His work, Dreyfus's culpability, was in danger, and he surely wanted to defend his work. A sequel to I Don't Know How She Does It was announced in 2015. I defy decent men to read it without a stir of indignation in their hearts and a cry of revulsion, at the thought of the undeserved punishment being meted out there on Devil’s Island. Au mégaphone dans l'assemblée . It is a family lawsuit, one is there against oneself, and it is necessary to remember this: the High Command wanted the lawsuit, it was judged, and it has just judged it a second time.